Is There A Word For This

I hope you never hear
cannons at the gate,
and your home, force-torn 
from under your feet.

I hope you never know 
what's it's like on a boat
and the water coming in.

I hope you never see 
the earth shake, 
and them tearing down the walls,
and you're trapped;
you can't move, can only watch how utterly

away luck crawls. 

All my friends are waiting.
They try not to let it eat them up.

This monster
has no teeth, but sucks life,
It doesn’t roar, but sighs.
And the sighs drown birdsong
and their children’s laughter
and all the sounds
that keep you sane.

They make the monster a box to live in.
They make it as comfortable as they can.

It doesn’t kill them outright,
it doesn’t call itself a monster,
it doesn’t call itself