Islam in Ireland

For this podcast, I interviewed a wide range of Muslims in Ireland from all kinds of backgrounds – from Belfast to Dublin to Cork – and listened to what they had to say. I also read extensively, not just the religious texts, but a variety of sources (including opinion polls, articles and ex-Muslim testimony).

One criticism of the documentary was that I read too much of the primary texts – and read them out of context. ‘You made it sound bad,’ was what one (non-Muslim) said. Others argued that the Bible has as many problematic verses.  And if I’d been doing a documentary on Christians who believed literally in the Bible, I’d have read them out too. But this isn’t a documentary about other religions – it’s about Islam. And while Muslims are keen to show the positive verses, it would be remiss of me to limit it to just these.

I don’t get any pleasure from calling it, and despite framing the interviews with many of my interpretations – the interviews themselves are pretty unedited, and give a good sense of what many Muslims living in Ireland have experienced – and what they believe in.  

Please don’t contact me with anti-Muslim or anti-refugee sentiments. I’m interested in debating the ideas within Islam, not interested in stereotyping a whole people based on their religion. If you’re too thick to get the difference, don’t contact me.

Music: ‘Wonder’ by Lakey Inspired.

First broadcast on UCC98.3FM. Funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the television license fee. article, ‘Ireland and Islam’: read here