Music Is The Weapon

A detailed look at how music and politics interlinked in Ireland from around 1798. Interviews with Terry Moylan author of ‘The Age of Revolution,  1798-1816’ and Tom Stokes, journalist, author of ‘The Transmogrification of Ideals to Ideology, Republicanism 1798-1916’.

Interviews with Captain Moonlight, Sandra McShane, Jinx Lennon and Tommy KD about political song writing, see below for links to their music. Tour of the Cork Academy of Music with interviews with students and teachers there.

Finally, talked to Yassir Younes and Alli Said about how music helped them when they arrived here and whether music can be a force for change. Featuring ‘Oppression’, a first-hand account of living in Direct Provision.

‘Music is the weapon of the givers of life. It must be well used for the gift of humanity.’ – Fela Kuti

First broadcast on UCC98.3FM, 26th November 2015.

Links to interviewees: