The Murder Machine

What’s ‘The Murder Machine’? The personal and political meat-hooks, the myriad ways we can be ground up? And why make music about it?


Songs are inspired by Wikileaks (The Whistleblower), the corporatisation of our world (Control Inc.), famine past and present (Sometimes) and grinders in personal relationships (On The Wheel). Some explore empathy (Cruel, The Politician), consumer effects on the Third World (Distant Drum) and the 1913 Lockout/modern sweatshop abuses (The Soldier).

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I read somewhere once that Bertie Ahern kept a photo of Pearse on his desk and the irony of that couldn’t be lost on those who are living in the Ireland that Ahern and his policy-makers have left behind. The ‘Murder Machine’ song is some attempt to reclaim our history in the spirit of those who visioned a fair and free future for all of us.

“Yearning Curve’s version of ‘The Murder Machine’ also includes modern-day sound-bites, painting a sound-picture of an Ireland swathed in corruption, still offering up its young to an indifferent imperial ruling class a hundred years after Pearse’s essay.” David Nelligan

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“We’re very much liking ‘The Murder Machine’, a brooding title number…” – Stuart Clarke, Free Music Thursday, Hot Press, Revolution of the mind, body-politic and spirit – 7/10, U&IMusicMagazaine, “promising, yet deeply flawed…” – Stephen White, The Last Mixed Tape, “an intriguing collaboration…” – Claire Devaney, Insert Title,

mmecho whereas Pearse was concerned with the imperialism of his day we’re concerned with the grinders of our day…mass starvation caused by economic systems, pollution, horrendous working conditions for so many in the Third World, even here in Ireland, the gap between rich and poor widening every year…The concept of this machine of inequality and greed and oppression is just as relevant. – interview with Ronan Leonard, Evening Echo, 1/5/2014

we’ve made this album as interesting as we can. If it has weaknesses, that’s fine. If it doesn’t sell a million copies, that’s fine. If, as artists we don’t even attempt to engage with what’s going on around us, that’s not fine.



when I read about Chelsea Manning being given 35 years for exposing war crimes, it makes me really sad, it makes me want to tell his story, to find out what happened… our world is deeply unfair and if we don’t explore it in our art how are we supposed to change it? Or maybe that’s the idea. Keep us consuming music like a kind of drug to keep us distracted and sedated? – interview with Ivan O’Donoghue,


I really like what Nina Simone said about an artists duty being to reflect the times – I try to document what’s going on as best I can as a songwriter and hope that it touches people somehow. I want to cut through some of the bullshit and connect with what’s free inside us.



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